i think im emotionally constipated because i haven’t given a shit in months

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My supervisors at work are trying to tell me that I can’t be taking as many breaks as I have been…. I only take the 2 breaks and a lunch I’m scheduled to take. They are 2.5 hours apart.
I drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water at work, and I have the weight of a baby pressing on my bladder it hurts to hold in my piss just that long, not to mention my stomach growls all freaking day.
I don’t mean to be rude but I will be taking my breaks that I’m being scheduled…And I will not give a fuck.


if you ever feel bad about yourself remember that zac efron has a yolo tattoo

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The fact that my boyfriend comes home at 2am the next couple of nights and I’m left here to take care of this fucking puppy that he randomly came home with is really pissing me the fuck off.
And I’ve been trying to sleep for 2 hours and it’s still fucking crying because of the storm and it’s making my baby crazy.
I just want to put a pillow over my face and just smother to death at this point.

People need to quit posting pictures of themselves crying.
It’s annoying please go to bed.

My boyfriend wants to get another puppy.

Actually he made the decision without me to get anther one.
We have a baby coming in about 2 months and you want another dog!?
He won’t even get a cute one like a pug at least. He just needs to know I’m not taking care of it. I can’t even chase our poodle now when she runs off.
I’m so extremely stressed out already about the house, work, a baby and now new dog.